What to wear for Valentines?!? February 08 2016

Planning a night out with your LOVE at Valentines day can be tough!! What to wear, right? You might be thinking: "I want to be presentable, feel sexy with class, to show enough skin and most importantly feel comfortable!"  OK ladies, I get it!

What I always have in mind is - be myself!! So my strategy is set up 2 different styles. Mostly because I don't have much time to keep trying dresses and I never know how is going to be my mood at that particular time. I don't know you, but I can change my mood on wearing heels for flats all the time, then I have to change my entire outfit. Also knowing everything I have to get done before I can focus on myself, I am already tired!

So my plan is: - set aside 2 different styles, one more "sassy" and the another one more "comfortable but with style"! Trust me, you will be out off the door in no time and He won't have to wait too much - that I am sure He will appreciate that.

Look my picks, if you have any questions, just let me know, and HAPPY VALENTINES!!