Do you know how to take your clothes?? February 06 2015

If there's one thing women have enough jealousy are the clothes, it's no wonder that it is rare for a request some borrowed piece, however, often do not realize that we are ruining our house in wardrobe without even we notice. Are wrong with small attitudes just ruining our parts and decreasing its durability, as is the case:

  • Fold pants and leather skirts, rather than hang them on hangers.
  • Speaking of hangers, preferĀ velvets made models because not let those "ears" on the shoulders.
  • Play the bra inside the drawer can deform the piece, so prefer to bend it or puts it into each other.
  • Do not close the zipper and buttons jeans pieces before throwing them in the washing machine instead of doing this, make sure that everything is closed, and makes other part are not torn and damaged in the wash.
  • Play sweaty clothes in the dirty basket can generate mold, then you better hang them on a hanger until it is completely dry and can be directed to your place in the basket.