How to take care your new LOVE - BABYDOLL December 08 2014

Women love a lace babydolls, this kind of love is already joined the preferred list of ladies. It has become so darling that is already adopted not only the most special nights, but also in everyday life, leaving the sexy and confident women. But it's no use having a beautiful lace babydoll and not know how to care, right? So apart a very simple tips that will help you in time to take care of yours.

- First of all: Always respect the label instructions;

- Wash the pieces by hand with mild soap;

- The water temperature should be cold or warm;

- Do not bother to twist the lingerie, just let it dry in the shade;

- Time to save, make sure the drawer (or other location that you usually save) lacks the rough surface, not to spoil the income.

By following these tips your lingerie will last much longer.